Xining 11 working group to create the city does not discount

in order to further strengthen the work to create a national civilized city leadership, implement the creation tasks, approved by the municipal government, to create a national civilized city in the city, the office of the leading group under the 11 working group decided.

is reported that the national civilized city is a high gold content of the city brand, is a very important intangible assets and strategic resources. Create a national civilized city is essentially a higher level to promote the development of the city, is to implement the practice of Scientific Outlook on Development, is an important driving force for the construction of a harmonious society, is a public opinion, the hearts of the people out of engineering and practical projects. To strengthen the city to create a national civilized city work organization, coordination, guidance and supervision, to ensure that a city to work effectively promote, according to a city to city, a city office consists of 11 working groups, which are responsible for creating the city comprehensive coordination, guidance, publicity, filing and the focus of the work of supervision etc.. (author: Wang Xiaofang) read more

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Xining won the international friendship city exchanges and cooperation award

Following the June this year to get outside the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Ministry of foreign affairs "award for outstanding contributions to the country’s overall diplomatic services", September 13th, Chinese people Foreign Friendship Association held in Chengdu "2012 Chinese International Friendship Cities Conference, Xining city won the" international friendship city exchanges and cooperation award"

in June this year following the city overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Ministry of foreign affairs received "award for outstanding contributions to the country’s overall diplomatic services", September 13th, Chinese people Foreign Friendship Association held in Chengdu "2012 China International Friendship Cities Conference, Xining city won the" international friendship city exchanges and cooperation award". read more

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Xining City helping group permutations and combinations gradually coordinated solution

targeted mortgage information is not complete, no need for the supply and demand platform, the company’s website is not operating well…… In November 19th, according to the Xining Municipal Economic Commission SME Bureau responsible person, carry out the "Xining City help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment" activities, helping the group has to tease out the enterprises involved in production and business places, all kinds of administrative examination and approval procedures and other aspects of the "personality" of 703, after helping the group "arrangement" it is divided into five kinds of common problems, more than half of the problem has been solved at the county level, the need to coordinate the Xining municipal level, has been decomposed into Xining municipal departments, to resolve or have been resolved. read more

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The change of the three mascots of the Spring Festival

During the Spring Festival, a variety of etiquette, which derived a variety of mascots to express the blessing of the new year. Chinese Folk Artists Association vice chairman Zheng Yimin and other experts said, Spring Festival couplets, firecrackers, new year’s money because of strong participation, the most representative. Reporter survey found that with the changes of the times, the three mascots have the same heritage, but also a new idea of change.

couplets: "Ji Yan" meaning unchanged form and content change

couplets called "poetic couplet", was originally an evil thing, and later literature and calligraphy during the Spring Festival, every family became the butt, house, the door will put things, auspicious expression. Zheng Yimin said that the Chinese people like red, everywhere filled with red paper to write the Spring Festival couplets, but also with the words of education. The door lintels should be affixed to "celebrate", both sides put "farming family luck, the frequency playing state Hing" entered the courtyard Greet Wall on the wall should be affixed to "seeing happiness" and the like, on the wall of a room to put "population security".

more than and 50 years old this year, Qinghai Xining public Zhou Junchang said, before 20 began from the twelfth lunar month to buy a red paper, please write couplets, now with the accelerated pace of life, people are accustomed to the market to buy Printed couplets couplets.

: fireworks festive atmosphere constant expression change read more

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Xining South Beach police station Li Yunying took care of the elderly story

Xining South Beach community police station Li Yunying three years as one day, taking care of a ninety-two year old elderly, become a favourite tale by the masses.

three years ago, as from the anti narcotics police Li Yunying community police station in the area of home visits, to understand a simple cottage in Phoenix Mountain lived a man named Sun Renshan of the elderly. Sun uncle is a Qinghai Lake farm workers, retired after a month of social security is not high, there are no relatives to care for their own stick on the cook, water. See the old man staggering figure, Li Yunying decided to take care of the old man’s responsibility for the later life. From then on, regardless of windy or rainy days or holidays, Li Yunying often went to sun uncle home, to buy food for the elderly, to send fruit. read more

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Spring Festival the public to buy vegetables have benefits spree

The Spring Festival is coming, I sell special purchases for the Spring Festival entered the peak period, 28 supermarket stores, 21 communities, 29 stores set up the price of six vegetables and 42 counters, vegetables direct the car directly into the community, 120 sales outlets of supply, to ensure that people buy affordable and desirable danggucai, municipal government money insurance for price stability measures for the public to get an affordable and desirable holiday spree.

straight fill limit for everyone to bring benefits read more

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Sound blessing to send a deep concern for the party members of the Provincial Committee of warm peop

"71" on the eve of the provincial Commission, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Jianjun, Provincial Standing Committee Zhang Jianmin, Wang Xiaoyong, Wang Xiao, Zhang Ximing, Hu Changsheng, and visit the old party members and party hard, send holiday give their blessings and greetings, together to celebrate the 95 years.

Wang Jianjun has come to the township of Guide County, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Garang village, river two even Yin Zhen Tong Jia Cun, Xining City, West District, visit the old Party member Liu Zengshou, Yin Jingru, Zhou Chao, ye Mei party hard. Wang Jianjun told the old party to take care of the body, and encouraged them to "fade" retirement, carry forward the fine tradition and continue to play the heat, he encouraged local development give advice and suggestions; difficult for Party members to keep unwavering faith, establish the confidence to overcome difficulties, the development of production and improve the quality of life. Wang Jianjun pointed out that the party and the government will never forget the contributions made by the generation of Party members to Qinghai’s economic development, social stability and national unity. To continue to care about the difficulties of Party members, to help them solve the practical problems encountered in production and life. read more

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Xining ladder cultivating enterprise

from Xining to carry out a series of activities to help small and micro enterprises, the average monthly production of nearly 200 small and micro enterprises. However, faced with a huge market economy, these start-up companies need to help, to this end, Xining came up with a good way – ladder to cultivate enterprises of different sizes.

March 10th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Economic Commission learned that this year, Xining will carry out a "ladder" cultivation have been identified for 500 small and micro enterprises, of which 300 households scale industrial enterprises in 200 households, and strive to cultivate micro enterprises for small businesses, 100 families of small business training for medium-sized enterprises. Through efforts to accelerate the cultivation of market players, making the number of small and micro enterprises each year 25% new, small and micro enterprises operating income, the number of new jobs grew by 10%. read more

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The construction of cultural wall in the West District of the city to expand the new position of civ

in the West Main Street West District, a fresh cultural wall showing a civilized city public service ads outstanding works created in the ancient city of west area; Taiwan College lane, nearly one hundred meters long wall culture show wonderful moments of civilization in the West District, victory road, more than 30 blocks in the window of civilization and civilization traffic life slogan for pedestrians will watch the eyes……

is present in the city culture wall in the beautiful scenery, has become a new carrier of civilization and regional culture propaganda promotion, not only beautify the city image, but also enhance the quality of the public, reflects the new civilization. In recent years, the west area has at Victory Road Primary School District, guchengtai college lane, victory road, near the park, Lu Qing West Main Street, the Yellow River Road, Tongren Road junctions and other places made in order to improve the quality of citizens, strengthen the construction and popularization of knowledge, a city civilization traffic to the content of the culture wall is more than 10, show in the popular comic books, poems, fables, inspirational motto etc., let the walls become beautiful and "talking" "culture wall". These "culture wall" rich in content and the lives of the masses, form vivid, attracted every people in the past, make people to be educated in the subtle, mobilize the enthusiasm of the public participation in civilization, improve the quality of the general public, became the summer capital of Xining a beautiful landscape. read more

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