The Leap: 10 April Fool’s pranks to try this year

first_imgFacebook Twitter Shane Battis printApril Fool’s Day is nearly here and that means it’s time to step up your prank game.There are hundreds of options from a classic whoopee cushion trick to completely covering a car with duct tape. To help you settle on the perfect prank, The Leap staff has compiled our top April Fool’s Day gags ranging from harmless to monstrous.The Balloon RoomLet’s start with a fun, simple one for those of you who want to do a prank that won’t cause any harm to your fellow frogs. If the title didn’t give it away, I’ll break this one down for you: blow up as many balloons as you can to fill your friend’s room while they’re away from home. When they come back they’ll be greeted by a wave of minor inconveniences.Difficulty: 3/10Savagery: 1/10via GIPHY2. The Jim HalpertHow could this not make this list? If you’re a fan of “The Office,” this one’s calling your name. All you have to do is fill a large bowl halfway with Jell-O, let it cool and drop in whatever item you’ve chosen to “borrow” from your friend before you add the rest of your Jell-O supply. Hide it somewhere for your friend to find and wait for their reaction. If they don’t get why it’s brilliant, refer them to Netflix. Jim would be proud of you.Difficulty: 3/10Savagery: 2/10via GIPHY3. The Minty OreosEveryone loves Oreos, right? You can count on it to pull this one off. Offer your dear friend a delicious, totally normal Oreo to celebrate Easter Sunday and your trusting relationship — BUT WAIT! IT’S NOT TOTALLY NORMAL! Beforehand, scrape the frosting off of the cookie and spread some appetizing toothpaste in the center for a dentist-approved nightmare cookie. It’s like the store brand ones, but slightly better.Difficulty: 1/10Savagery: 3/10via GIPHY4. The Arctic BlastPaint with all the colors of the wind, specifically white. Pour flour or powder sugar into your friend’s hairdryer. I think you know exactly what’s going to happen next. Maybe don’t do this one to your roommate unless you want a snow day in your own room.Difficulty: 2/10Savagery: 4/10via GIPHY5. The Ballpark RefreshmentThere’s a chance your target won’t mind the minty flavor, but that’s not much of a risk for this one. Boil some hot dogs in a pot and freeze the flavored water in an ice cube tray. When your friend comes over, offer them a tall drink chilled with these ice cubes. Their drink will gradually taste more and more like America’s favorite pastime as the cubes melt. Yum!Difficulty: 3/10Savagery: 4/10via GIPHY6. The Jump ScareThere are few joys in life greater than scaring your friends for no reason at all. One of the best and most classic ways to pull this off is with April Fool’s best friend: the air horn. Now, to pull this off you’re going to have to get a little crafty. You’ll need an air horn, details of your prey’s whereabouts throughout the day, two lassos, a five-ounce dove, a convincing disguise and a sack of flour. On second thought, you really don’t need a complicated plan for this one. Just wait until your friend falls asleep and blast them! It’ll be hilarious.Difficulty: 2/10Savagery: 5/10via GIPHY7. The Sticky BandanaIf you want to step up the savagery, all you need is a thick roll of tape. After you’ve picked your target, take note of their height and stick a strip of mover’s tape at eye level in a doorway they’re bound to pass through. Then, herd them into that entryway with a scare that will get them running. If your tape holds and they don’t spot it soon enough, they’ll get caught in your trap!Difficulty: 2/10Savagery: 7/10via GIPHY8. The Organic Chocolate EggApril Fool’s Day and Easter Sunday fall on the same day this year, so it’s only fitting to unite the two with this prank. This one’s simple, yet devastating. Take an egg and coat it with chocolate with a fondue fountain (I’m sure you have one just lying around) and wrap it in colorful foil to make it look like a common Easter egg treat. Hide it in a basket of similarly sized goodies and wait for your unsuspecting prey to take a bite.Difficulty: 5/10Savagery: 8/10via GIPHY9. The OutdoorsmenDoes your friend love to keep himself/herself smelling fresh and clean to start the day? Not on April Fool’s Day. Get yourself a bottle of natural skunk scent or something equally foul and potent. Pour a significant amount into their cologne/perfume bottle and watch as their daily routine takes a nauseating turn. To prank someone who isn’t your roommate, soak a sock in the April Fool’s elixir and hide it in their laundry bin. The smell will permeate the room, but they won’t know where it’s coming from.Difficulty: 5/10Savagery: 9/10via GIPHY10. The Japanese CupcakeCupcakes are a popular dessert with a sugary sweet taste. This version, not so much. Make a special cupcake for your friend topped with green icing that will hide a spicy surprise: wasabi. Pile a big dollop of wasabi in the middle of the cupcake’s surface and coat it with green frosting to hide it. It will taste like a normal cupcake until a fateful bite finds a mouthful of the fiery condiment.Difficulty: 3/10Savagery: 10/10via GIPHYThat should give you plenty of options and time to prepare for Sunday’s festivities. All that’s left to do now is pick a target and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike.Good luck!via GIPHY Twitter Shane Battis Shane Battis + posts ‘The Big Switch:’ Student spends a day in the chancellor’s shoes ReddIt Linkedin Previous articleDocumentary tells story of area with highest percentage of incarcerated black malesNext articleEquestrian takes second in Big 12 Championship Shane Battis RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Shane Battis center_img Facebook Shane Battis The LEAP 10/22/20 Linkedin Lead On committee co-chairs share goals with students ReddIt Here’s our top pranks for this year. (Photo by Shane Battis.) Conservative personality Steven Crowder sparks ‘male privilege’ debate Office of Religious and Spiritual Life affirms Muslim students in light of online threats The Leap 3/3/20 The Leap 2/18/20last_img read more

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