Mass Effect 3 on PC requires EAs Origin service be installed

first_imgThere’s a growing problem for anyone who appreciates having all their PC games available on a service like Steam. That problem is the inability to purchase certain high profile new titles from Steam. Mass Effect 3 is the perfect example of the issue that is surely only going to get worse. Publisher EA has launched its own digital games service called Origin, and in order to promote it the games launched by EA and its partners are being made Origin exclusive. That means regardless of whether you buy at retail or prefer digital downloads, you have to register an account with Origin to play the game. Developer BioWare has confirmed on its SocialNetwork site that this is the case for Mass Effect 3. You will have to purchase it digitally through Origin or another service that supports Origin’s use, or if you buy a boxed copy the game uses Origin to authenticate when installing. Steam is not going to sell the game because, as BioWare explains, the service has “restrictive terms.”BioWare also confirmed that there is only a one-time authorization required to play Mass Effect 3, so no constant checking or always-on Internet connection prerequisite. You can also install the game as many times as you like because it is linked to an Origin account, not the machine you play on.If more publishers adopt their own online service, we could see multiple service installs required in order to play games from different developers and publishers. In normal circumstances competing services mean lower prices and more choice. However, if each service is only offering certain games they have a vested interest in, there is no competition.Read more at BioWare SocialNetwork, via Destructoidlast_img read more

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