How often should we change the mattress? This is the red line that we should not pass

first_imgA good rest is essential for our health. Rest correctly affects both our daily performance and the good development and work of our organs, and a key point to achieve this is our mattress. A mattress does not have to be the cheapest to be the best, but there are some points that must be taken into account when choosing it. Depending on the physical condition of each person, a mattress must have a type of height, core or firmness.Another very important key to getting a good rest is to change the mattress when necessary. According to experts, the mattress should be changed at least every 7 or 10 years, although this time can be reduced if the necessary care is not applied. This time is stipulated to prevent the malformations that suffer over time affect our rest and can cause some kind of illness. Get a mattress to last longerTo ensure that a mattress is in good condition and lasts the 7 years stipulated by experts, a series of tips must be followed. The best known is to rotate the mattress every 6 months so that it does not have malformations. Another tip is to keep pets out of bed so that dirt does not accumulate on it and vacuum it to remove dust that may accumulate. In addition, there is a trick that helps reduce moisture and odors that is sprinkle a little baking soda all over the mattress surface. The conditions of a mattress affect our restIt is advisable to change the minimum mattress every 7 years center_img Image: iStocklast_img read more

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