UK Ambassador Posts Angry Tweet Over Delays Lost Luggage on Royal

Rabat – After his flight departed over an hour late, Ambassador Thomas Reilly said he arrived in Casablanca only to wait another hour for his luggage to show up. Reilly took to Twitter on Wednesday, June 26th, to voice his frustrations with Royal Air Maroc (RAM). The incident was not the first time RAM has come under fire on social media in recent months. “It is not surprising if people are irritated,” Reilly said. Reilly explained that he eventually got his luggage, 70 minutes after his flight had landed. “It seems pilot left ‘plane & turned it off so they couldn’t unload the bags,” he said.Other exasperated customers chimed in on Reilly’s twitter feed to complain about the airline’s bad service. Read Also: Royal Air Maroc Inaugurates Casablanca-Boston Non-Stop Flight“I don’t know what’s happened with this company,” Twitter user Nabil Safir said. “It’s time for Morocco to think about building other ones.” Earlier this year a distinguished pair of Reilly’s countrymates were also victims of the airline’s allegedly careless attitude toward luggage.The Duke and Duchess of Sussex brought along an entourage of photographers to document their trip when they visited Morocco in February . Prince Harry and Meghan’s plans were compromised when the luggage of several of their official photographers went missing.The airline denied responsibility for the incident, instead pointing the finger at bad weather.The lost luggage blues escalated when baggage handlers at Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca went on strike in April. Over the last few months, baggage handlers that work for RAM subcontractor General Private Interim (GPI) have gone on a series of strikes, resulting in ongoing disruption and chaos at Morocco’s busiest airport.Angered about RAM’s lack of accountability for misplaced luggage , customers turned to Twitter to vent their frustrations. “We just spent 30 minutes on the phone,” one user tweeted, “and were basically yelled at for asking for information.”RAM has repeatedly denied responsibility for missing luggage during the strikes, blaming the subcontractor instead of inclement weather. read more

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